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The German income tax algorithm

3 minute read

Ever wondered how complicated the German tax system is? I wrote a Ruby implementation of the tax algorithm. In this post I describe what I learned along the ...

Analyse app traffic with mitmproxy

3 minute read

In the second post of my "reverse engineering mobile apps" series, I give an introduction on how to analyse the traffic of apps.

Why reverse engineer mobile apps?

3 minute read

In the first post of my "reverse engineering mobile apps" series, I’m arguing why you should learn how to reverse engineer apps.

tmux - my terminal window manager

8 minute read

A dark full-screen terminal window. That is what you see mostly on my screen. My fascination with the terminal started when I found out how to run COMMAND.CO...

JSON Schema talk

less than 1 minute read

Some time ago Jens and I started the WebAPI Hamburg Meetup. At the last meetup I did a lightning talk on JSON Schema.